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The Case For A Creator excerpts on Youtube.
The Case For Christ, The Case For a Creator, The Case For Faith 3-DVD Collection (They may require a multizone DVD player if not in the US, otherwise the books may be of interest)
    The Case For Christ book, The Case for a Creator book, The Case for Faith book.

God And Stephen Hawking - Whose Design Is It Anyway ? by Dr John Lennox. Heavy weights in philosophy get down to the facts in cosmological views. A real eye opener, in lay person's language.

Dr John Lennox's Superb Books
Dr John Lennox's Website

Have you considered How to study your Bible rightly ?

Philosophical analysis of what is Truth - Christian Apologetics by N. Geisler

Have you considered this intriguing range of helpful books

Starlight, Time and the New Physics - an excellent read
or Kindle eBook Edition

Origins - Cosmic evidence For a Young World with Dr. Russell Humphreys

The Creation Answers Book - answers for many riddles

The God Reality - an erudite response to Dawkin's

Quasar with enormous redshift found embedded in nearby spiral galaxy with far lower redshift

Dismantling The Big Bang

Have you considered The Seal of God
Designs in Nature : "Would you say that these millions of exquisite designs, far exceeding in beauty and workmanship anything produced by man, are the result of mere chance ?"

Beyond Opinion - Challenges From Science - Google Books - an excellent read for Dr John Lennox's in-depth analysis of Science's boundaries or limitations

Beyond Opinion: Living the Faith We Defend (amazon.com)

2 videos for the technically inclined about genetics, cellular information, and simple statistical truths http://programmingoflife.com


Christianity For Skeptics: An Understandable Examination of Christian Belief
   Does God exist ?
   If there is a God, why is there evil ?
   Is atheism rational ?
   Is the Bible the word of God ?
   What about other religions, including Islam and the New Age.

Seeking Allah Finding Jesus.

The Kingdom Of The Cults by Dr Walter Martin
The authoritative reference work on major cult systems for nearly forty years.
The Kingdom Of The Occult by Dr Walter Martin
The authoritative reference. Occult spirituality can't repeatedly raise the dead like Jesus on demand miracles did, and doesn't gain an afterlife for us.

Cool And Helpful Movies - May require a multizone DVD player if not in the US

Cosmic Codes

Have you considered How to study your Bible rightly ?

Have you considered Authentic Discipleship discussion ?

Christian Answers.net

Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry

Jesus Film - View Free Online


The Calvinism Debate

What must I do To Have The Afterlife ? A key to understanding authentic saving faith is here.

Coming To Faith - practical issues

Why Does Entropy Matter ?

N Geisler Articles

Misquoting Truth: A Guide to the Fallacies of Bart Ehrman's "Misquoting Jesus"
Response To Bart Ehrman's Claims.
Have You Considered 'The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict' ?

Poetical Review

A critique of the Bible numerics topic indicates it to be a little controversial.

Recommended Reading
Over 500,000 Sold

Refuting Evolution
How Did Bad Things Come About ?
The Greatest Hoax On Earth ?
Biogeography - Distribution of Plants & Animals

Beyond Newton - Plasmas

For the curious intellectual, here is a proposed revised concept of the ether, in relation to GPS satellites
5.8 Summary of ether-dragging hypothesis
(1) The ether is the permittivity of free space, e0, and the permeability of free space, u0.
(2) The ether is dragged by the gravitational field of the earth.
(3) The ether does not rotate with the earth; the ether is fixed to the ECI coordinate system.
(4) The ether-dragging hypothesis has been improving to be compatible with almost all the historical experiments as well as the GPS experiments.
(5) At this stage, we have to use the wave-particle duality in the explanation of the compatibility with the aberration.

Have you considered A Planet in Upheaval 4 Escalating 'Entropy'

Are you acquainted with UN Agenda 21 on population control or management, that no doubt is a best effort by governments, but omits God's remedying of the Earth's water cycle (once widely accepted as our leader) so deserts blossom once again, freeing up land for food, energy production, and population growth.

Graphene water filters will assist water filtering, but will still need to deal with the enormous byproduct of salt, and the enormous land coverage required for the Sahara, Australian, and other deserts.

Have you considered the best video Daniel Ekechukwu ?
Daniel Ekechukwu Reports

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